My other bootlegs

Audio CD Concert Bootlegs
King Crimson23.11.1973 Amsterdam
King Crimson29.+30.04.1984 Kani Hoken Hall, Japan. 2 CDs
King Crimson02.05.1995 Indie Vroom, Italy. 2 CDīs
King Crimson05.10.1995 Double Trio, Nakano Sun Plaza, Japan
King Crimson2001 Dangerous Curves. Various Audience Recordings
Fripp, Sylvian, Gunn1992 The First Morning. Live in Europe
All About EveReturn To Eden Vol. 1: The Early Recordings
All About Eve1991, Blessed By Angels
All About Eve1991, Touched By Jesus
All About Eve1991, Live And Electric At Union Chapel
Adam & the Ants1982-Dominion Theatre-London-sbd
Adam & the AntsIn Bondage 78-79
Adam & the AntsAntdemos (2 CDs)
A-Ha2001-Rock am Ring-Nurburgring-sbd (2 discs)
Altered ImagesJensen & Peel Sessions
Altered Images25.03.1980 Tiffanys, Glasgow
Altered Imagesxx.10.1980 Radio 1 in Concert (FM) (maybe 17. Oct. 1980) NEW
Altered Images20.10.1980 Bristol, Locarno Club (Aud) NEW
Altered Images20.11.1980 Glasgow Holyrood School
Altered Images31.12.1980 West Hampstead Moonlight
Altered Images29.01.1981 Northampton Nene College
Altered Images21.02.1981 Nottingham Rock City
Altered Images06.06.1981 Aylesbury Friars
Altered Images21.08.1981 Edinburgh Nite Club
Altered Images28.08.1981 Norwich
Altered Images17.10.1981 Radio Promotion
Altered Images28.11.1981 London Venue (Over 18s Show)
Altered Images22.12.1981 Tiffanys, Glasgow
Altered Images31.05.1982 Reading, Top Rank (Aud) NEW
Altered Images1983 Saturday Live, Radio 1
Altered Images21.07.1983 Bournemouth Academy
Altered Images20.08.1983 Toronto concert Hall, FM Recording
Altered Images09.12.1989 uls-Roehampton Froebel College
Altered Images27.02.1990 uls-London, Borderline
Altered Images26.04.1994 Claire Powerhouse
Altered ImagesYellow, Brown & Pinky Blue
Altered ImagesThe Collection. 2 CDīs
Tori Amos1992-29-September, Boulder, Colorado
Tori Amos2005-28-June, Alte Oper, Frankfurt. The Original Sinsuality Tour (2 CDs)
B-52sMudd Cub, 26. June 1978, AUD
B-52sBootleg Strobe Light, 15 tracks, SBD
B-52sPerformance Centre, Boston, 24.August 1979, AUD
B-52sParadiso, Amsterdam, 15.February 1980, AUD
Joan BaezOffenbach, Germany, FM
Beach BoysSmile. Unofficial, compiled by Ryan Guidry
Beach BoysSmile. Unofficial. Based on 2004 Live Performances. By DJ Surfclown
Beach BoysLife of Brian Disc Three. By DJ Surfclown
Pat Benatar 6. Nov 1979, Agora Club, Cleveland, Ohio
Pat Benatar 22. Nov 1979, Paramount Seattle
Pat Benatar 15. August 1980, Old Waldorf, San Francisco (soundboard)
Pat Benatar 13. April 1981, Palladium, NYC
Pat Benatar1985-Live in the U.S.A. (soundboard)
BerlinHofstra University, Long Island, N.Y., 20.March 1983, AUD
BerlinThe Savoy, N.Y., The US Festival 83, 23.July 1983, FM
BjorkThe Warehouse, Ontario, Canada (Soundboard)
BlancmangeHammersmith Odeon, London 1985, Radio 1
Blondie9/21/1977, Old Wardorf, San Francisco, CA (pre-FM) (2 discs)
BlondieNovember 12, 1978. The Palladium, New York (2 discs)
Blondie12. August 1999 Riviera Theater, Chicago, Illinois, FM recording
Bow Wow Wow1. Jan. 1982 Tokyo, Japan
Bow Wow Wow10.Jan.98 Denver Bluebird & 7.March 98 Santa Fe Drama Club (Wild In The USA Bootleg)
Kate BushUnder the Ivy Bush
Kate BushCathyīs Home Demos Remastered (!)
Kate BushPractice Makes Perfect, Piano Demos No.1
Kate BushA Circle of Friends (colaborations)
Kate Bush1978-2001 Fullhouse. Live Performances
Kate Bush1978-79 Butterfly Kisses. Scorpio Edition
Kate Bush09.April 1979 Hippodrome, Bristol (2 CDs)
Kate BushAlone at my Piano. Demos (Remastered Version)
Kate Bush10.04.1979 Apollo Theatre, Manchester
Kate Bush06.05.1979 Theatre de Champs Elysees, Paris/France
Kate Bush13.05.1979 Hammersmith Odeon, London
Kate Bush21.05.1979 The Bill Duffield Benefit Concert
Kate Bush1979 Manchester 2 CDīs
Kate Bush1979 Eden, New South Wales/Australia / demos-sbd
Kate Bush29.04.1979 Carre Theatre-Amsterdam, Netherlands (soundboard)
Kate BushLive at the Hippodrome, 2 CDīs
Kate BushVideo CD, Poor Quality
Kate BushRunning Up That Hill (special edition)
Kate BushCaptured live by BBC One Radio in concert in 1979 CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE!
Kate BushVideo CD 2, another one
Kate BushVideo CD: The Strange Art of Pop
Kate BushVideo CD: KTTV Vol.1
Kate BushIvy and Orchids (Demos, Radio, TV)
Kate BushCastaway (Demos, Radio, TV)
Kate BushBewitched (Demos, Radio, TV)
Kate BushPassing through Air (Demos, Radio, TV)
Kate BushFrom Hounds to Aerial (Remixes)
Kate BushRadio Interview for Directors Cut. 10/5/2011, 55 minutes
Kate BushOdds and Sods
Belinda CarlisleRunaway, VCD, 2 discs
The Clash1982-Lochen, Holland-soundboard
Culture ClubMalibu Beach, New York, 23 Feb. 1983
Culture ClubStorytellers Live, 2.May 1998, Sony Studios, N.Y.
The Cure24.5.1980 Bootleg Play for Today (Stokvishal, Arhem), FM
The Cure05.07.1981 Werchter, Belgium. SBD Recording
The Cure30.05.1984 Hertogenbosch, Holland, FM
The Cure1987 The Kissing Tour (2 CDīs)
The Cure23.06.1990 Glastonbury Festival, England, FM
The Cure19.07.1998 Forestglade, Wiesen, Austria (2 CDīs), AUD
The Cure29.08.2004 Arco Arena, Sacramento, Canada (2 CDīs), AUD
The CureImaginary Songs (Summerpop Festival, 28 June 1980 & Amsterdam 1979)
The CureBootleg Live in Orange (2 CDīs), SBD
The CureAt the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (2 CDīs), SBD
The CranberriesLive Zombie (USA 1994)
The Creatures7.September 2004 BB King Club
The Creatures21.February 1990 Rock City, Nottingham
The Creatures26.June 1999 Glastonbury Festival
The Creatures3.April 1999 Botanique, Brussels AUD
D.A.F.24.2.1979 Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany, AUD
Danielle DaxThe Radio Show - 5-April-1991 Riviera Theatre, Chicago
Danielle DaxThe Complete Lemon Kittens, featuring Danielle Dax
Danielle DaxDanielle Dax Mix (Liz Remixes, 2005 Brixton Library Performance, ...)
Duran DuranHollywood 15. March 1993
Echo & the Bunnymen17.+18. October 1984 Hammersmith Odeon (3 discs)
Erasure*The Rebirth of Abba* Live 1992 (2 CDs)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood*Frankie says use Condom*, Liverpool 20. Dec 1984
GarbageDuesseldorf, Germany 1996
GarbageKoeln, Germany, 17-August-96
GarbageSt. Goarhausen 20-June-1998
GirlschoolReading Festival 30-August-81
JapanMethods of Dance, Live 1981
JapanYebi 1982 (2 discs)
Jean Michelle Jarre31.Dec.99 live in Egypt (12 Dreams of the Sun) (2 CDs)
KraftwerkJune-4-1998, Hollywood, CA (2 CDs)
KraftwerkSeptember-7-1981, Tokyo, Japan
Cindy LauperThe Agora 15-December-83
Lene Lovich (The Diversions) 1975-1976 singles
Lene Lovich1978 London, Paris Theatre (BBC Radio 1 in concert) (FM)
Lene Lovich04.03.79 Civic Hall, Guildford (The Spitting Concert)
Lene Lovicha) 24.10.79 Liverpool University, Mountford Hall b) Radio 1 John Peel Session. Rec Nov 21, broadcast 27th 1978
Lene Lovich18.02.80 Vancouver, Commodore Ballroom (FM)
Lene Lovich15.03.80 Paradise Theater, Boston, USA
Lene Lovich18.03.80 Philadelphia Hot Club
Lene Lovich26.09.81 Boston/Mass., Bradford Hotel (FM)
Lene Lovich23.03.83 Malibu, Long Island, NY, USA
Lene LovichRare, Mixed and Duets 1979-2010
Lene Lovich2 discs-set. Disc 1 Live, maybe 1985. Disc 2 contains Demo sessions,rare duos and rare songs
Lene LovichThe Lucky You Megamix EP (5 unofficial remixes)
Lene LovichVIDEO CD: misc (last track is a project with Less Chappell+Latz called Slaves)
Lene LovichThe Lucky You Megamix EP (5 unofficial song remixes)
Bob Marley and the Wailers27.November 1973 Leeds
MadonnaLive & Rare 1987-2001
MadonnaLive & Rare 2003-2008 PLUS BBC Radio 1 Live in Maidstone, UK. 10/05/2008
MadonnaBlonde Ambition Tour 21.July 1990 Wembley Stadium London & Brixton Academy 28.Nov. 2000 (2 CDs)
MadonnaThe Emmy Demos, N.Y. 1979-1981
George MichaelUnplugged Plus
Missing PersonsNYC, NY. Aug-25-1981
No DoubtDisneyland Demos
No Doubt1996 Donīt Speak, Live in USA
Gary Numan31.05.1980 Capital Theatre, Sydney
Hazel OīConnorGirlfriends. Musical recorded 21.11.1987 Playhouse Theatre, London. 2 CDīs
Hazel OīConnorThe Blujar Project (2010)
Mike OldfieldViareggio 1984 (2 discs)
Mike OldfieldTurbulent Weather 1982 (2 discs)
Our Friends AcousticIndigo 02, London, 13.May 2010 (Andy Bell, Carol Decker, China Crisis, Howard Jones,Jimmy Sommerville, Nik Kershaw, Steve Strange)
Placebo 18. August 2000 Bizarre Festival, Germany
Placebo 7. Sept. 2001 Dans le Reservoir, Paris/France
PropagandaThe Secret Tapes of Dr. Mabuse (1983/84 Early Demos)
Propaganda23.09.1985 Toronto, Canada (The Outside World)
Propaganda26.10.1985 Veronicaīs Rocknacht Ahoy-Rotterdam FM Recording
Propaganda25.11.1985 New York, Long Island & Live on the Tube Whistle Test, French TV. FM Recording
Propaganda30.11.1985 Nottingham, England
Shakespears SisterGlastonbury 1992
Shakespears Sister*Back in your own world*
Siouxsie & the Banshees*Playhouse*
Siouxsie & the Banshees1977 Roxy, London & 1978 The Vortex, London
Siouxsie & the Banshees1977 Early Rehearsals and Demos
Siouxsie & the Banshees07.01.1978 The Nashville, London
Siouxsie & the Banshees22.Nov 1978 *Helter Skelter* (De Montfort Hall, Liverpool)
Siouxsie & the Banshees26.Nov 1980 *Paradise Place* (California Hall, San Francisco)
Siouxsie & the Banshees24.Oct 1981, Left Bank, Mount Vernon, NY, US
Siouxsie & the Banshees07.07.1981 Tuil De Nieuwekade A- (92 Degrees Bootleg)
Siouxsie & the Banshees19.07.1981 Cologne, Germany
Siouxsie & the Banshees1981 Holland
Siouxsie & the Banshees1982 *Strawberry Girl* (Tokyo, some sources say Warwick Uni 9.March.81)
Siouxsie & the Banshees9.Dec 1982, Schwabinger Brau, Munich, Germany
Siouxsie & the Banshees12.Dec 1982 Hamburg Knights
Siouxsie & the Banshees30.Sept 1983 Royal Albert Hall, London
Siouxsie & the Banshees24.March 1984 *Spellbound in Paris* (Espace Ballard, Paris)
Siouxsie & the Banshees21.June 1984 *Screeching* (St Davids Hall, Cardiff)
Siouxsie & the Banshees10.April 1985 In a Pagan Place: London, St.James Church (2 discs)
Siouxsie & the Banshees24.June 1986 *captured* (McAllister Auditorium, New Orleans)
Siouxsie & the Banshees10.August 1986 Forest National, Brussels, Belgium
Siouxsie & the Banshees11.July 1987 Bizarre Festival, Germany (2 discs)
Siouxsie & the Banshees1.Feb 1992 Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, USA
Siouxsie & the Banshees10/07/02 London Shepherds Bush Empire, 2 discs
Siouxsie & the BansheesLove in a Void - The Demos
Siouxsie & the BansheesMixes by Liz and Demos/Rarities (3 Cds)
Siouxsie & the BansheesVIDEO CD: The Story of Siouxsie+USA Nighline Interview+USA Creatures Interview+Clips
Siouxsie & the BansheesVIDEO CD: Mantaray TV Interview live clips ect.
Soft Cell25.05.1981 Queens Hall, Leeds
Patti SmithJanuary 1976, Washington
Patti SmithBecause the Night, USA 1978
Patti SmithCBGB's 1979 (2 discs)
Patti Smith01. August 1996 Once Again
Patti Smith29.July 1996 Pakul, Prague (2 CDs)
Patti Smith09. August 2002, Berlin, Museumsinsel (Germany) (2 discs)
Patti Smith13. August 2002, Munich, Colosseum (Germany) (2 discs)
Patti Smith17. July 2004, Cologne, E-Werk (Germany) (2 discs)
Patti SmithSala Grande, Arena del Sole, April 5, 2008 (2 discs)
Patti SmithPatti Smith covers the Rolling Stones (2007)
P.I.L.1980-Agora Theatre-Atlanta (soundboard)
The Stranglers1977-1981 BBC Sessions
The Stranglers22.11.1977 Hope & Anchor
The Stranglers1981 Hammersmith Odeon, London
The Sugarcubes13. April 1992 Toronto, Canada
Strawberry SwitchbladeBeautiful End (2 discs)
Strawberry SwitchbladeOdds and Ends
TīPauEarlīs Court, London, 1989
Talk TalkLondon 1986
Transvision VampBrighton, Escape Club, 12 July 1988
Transvision VampOxford, Polytechnic, 21 October 1988
UltravoxOld Waldorf 1979 (with John Foxx)
UltravoxHollywood 30. Dec. 1979 (with Midge Ure)
UltravoxWhiskey a Go-Go (with John Foxx)
UltravoxLive BBC 1981
Nina Hagen: 4 Video Discs. Various recordings. Tracklisting available
Mixed Female Clips DVD. Rare Kate Bush, Danielle Dax, Lene Lovich, Hannah Fury, ... 150 minutes)
80īs Goth - TV Appearances
80īs Electronic - TV Appearances
A Flock of Seagulls: Brixton 1983
AC/DC: 14. June 2001 Munich, Germany. Stiff Upper Lip Tour
A-Ha: Live in Chili 2006
Altered Images: DVD Collection Double DVD
Altered Images: Scottish TV
Altered Images: Cambridge 11.11.1980
Altered Images: TV Appearances
Adam & the Ants: Ants in Japan
Adam & the Ants: TV Appearances
Adam & the Ants: Prince Charming Revue
Adam & the Ants: Making History 1977-1987
Adam & the Ants: Very Long Ride 1987-2006
B-52īs: Live Dortmund, Rockpop 14. May 1983
Pat Benatar: Live at US Festival 1982
Pat Benatar: Live New Haven 1983, HBO concert
Blondie: TV Appearances 1977-1978
Blondie: 1)Glaston Bury 2)Behind the Music 3)TFI Friday Nov 98 4)The Blondie Story
Blondie: Glasgow 1979 & The Blondie Story
Blondie: Video Hits
Blondie: One Way or Another Documentary
Boomtown Rats: Someoneīs looking at you
Bow Wow Wow: Portland, Oregon 1982 + MTV New Years Eve 1982
Bow Wow Wow: Sefton Park, Liverpool
Bow Wow Wow: 1998 TV Biography / Live in NYC
Kate Bush: This Woman's Visual Work
Kate Bush: Egos & Icons - Profile of Kate plus Interviews & Promos filmed during 1985-1993. Canadian TV. NEW
Kate Bush: The Whole Story
Kate Bush: The Videos (not included in The Whole Story)
Kate Bush: Live at Hammersmith Odeon
Kate Bush: Live at Hammersmith Odeon V2. 1994 Re-issue tape, audio from CD, fan-mastered
Kate Bush: TV Appearances
Kate Bush: TV Appearances 2
Kate Bush: BBC Christmas Special 28. Dec. 1979 (digital recording)
Kate Bush: 26 Promotion Videos
Kate Bush: Video Anthology (2 DVDs)
Kate Bush: Eat the Video (2 DVDīs)
Kate Bush: 1) Queens of Pop, German documentary 2) Promos
Kate Bush: KTTV. TV appearances plus about 40 minutes of interviews and some mimed tv shows, plus full interview called The Story So Far
Kate Bush: In Concert Docu 79-xx-xx Hamburg 79-04-28 & Mannheim 79-05-08
Kate Bush: 2011+
Cabaret Voltaire: Gasoline in your Eye
Cabaret Voltaire: 10.10.1983 Madrid
Cocteau Twins: TV Appearances
Cocteau Twins: Tishbites & Extras
Cocteau Twins: See no Evil (2 DVDs)
Cocteau Twins & X-Mal Deutschland: Live & Promos
The Cure: TV 79-86 (2 discs)
The Cure: Play at Home
The Cure: 21. April 1980, The Underground, Boston (Allston, MA) + loads of extras
The Cure: Tokyo 1984
The Cure: 25. August 1984, Glasgow, Barrowland
The Cure: 1992 Auburn Hills
The Cure: La Route du Rock 2005
The Cure: Staring at the Sea - The Images
The Cure: In Orange
The Cure: Live in Szeged 2005 (2 DVDs)
The Cure: Picture Show
The Cranberries: MTV unplugged
The Cranberries: Live Collection Vol. 1. 1995-1999
The Creatures: Complete 15 years of collected songs, clips, live and TV. Made by an australian fan.
Danielle Dax: Bad Miss M Live
Danielle Dax: Interviews, Live, Promos
Depeche Mode: Brussels 1998-September-22
Depeche Mode: Budapest 2006-March-21
Devo: The Men Who Make The Music
Devo: We Are All Devo all Devo
Devo: The Complete Truth About De-Evolution
Thomas Dolby: Live Wireless (film/concert)
Echo & The Bunnymen: Royal Albert Hall, 18. July 1983
Echo & The Bunnymen: Paradiso, Amsterdam/Holland, 8. November 2005
Echo & The Bunnymen: Rockpalast 1983 AND Tears for Fears: Rockpalast 1983
Echo & The Bunnymen: Spain 1984
Einstürzende Neubauten: Palast der Republik
Brian Eno: Hits, Classics+Tracks, Arena Special (BBC docs)
Garbage: *Beautiful Garbage* Glastonbury 2002
Garbage: 22. November 2002 Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, Ca.
Garbage: Rockpalast, Rock am Ring, 4. June 2005
Garbage: Glastonbury 2005
Garbage: Live on Soundstage PBS, 8. July 2006
Garbage: *Behind the Music*
Nina Hagen: Westfalenhalle Dortmund 09. December 1978
Nina Hagen & Leipzig Big Band, Internationale Jazzwoche 2004, Burghausen/Germany
Nina Hagen: Spliff Video Archiv 1: Nina Hagen Band (Concerts & Promo Clips)
Nina Hagen: Nina Hagen on T.V. (Huge assembly of TV appearances)
New Model Army: The Tube 84/TOTP 85/Marquee 85/Promos 86-89/Live Bootleg
Gary Numan: TV Appearances Vol. 1,2,3 (3 discs)
Gary Numan: Berserker
Gary Numan: Micromusic
Gary Numan: The Touring Principle, Newman Numan, Kraftwerk
The Gogo's: 3-November-82-tv (Rockpalast Berlin)
The Gogo's: 1984, Greek Theatre, Los Angeles
The Gogo's: Video Anthology 1981-2001
The Gogo's: Peppermint Lounge. New York 1981-2006
The Gogo's: 2011-Aug-24 Ogden Theater, Denver
Human League: Vienna 4. June 1980
Jean Michelle Jarre: 2002 Sweden (2 discs)
Joan Jett: 1980-1984
Teardrop Explodes: Nottingham, Liverpool 1982
Grace Jones: One Man Show, ex VIDEO- TAPE plus five clips. 2 are live 2009
Kid Creole & the Coconuts: Live in Paris 1986
Kiss: 1977 Live in Japan
Lene Lovich: Studio 54, New York 1981
Lene Lovich: Rockstage-Theatre Royal, Nottingham, UK-TV 20. April 1981 CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
Lene Lovich: Rock goes to College (Liverpool University. Recorded October 24th 1979. Broadcast January 7th 1980)
Lene Lovich: Collected Rare Clips, Old and New and Rare 2010 Live Duets
Madness: T in the Park 2010
Madness: Glastonbury 2009 + The Liberty of Norton Folgate Live / Young Guns (BBC Doc)
Men at Work: Rio de Janeiro 18-September-1997
Sprefab Sprout: Live Germany 1985
Stevie Nicks: "Today, Tomorrow, Together",US Festival 30.May 1983
Pretenders: Live in Detroit 1984
Prince: Royal Visions Vol. 1 (Videos & Live Performances)
Prince: 30. March 1985 Fullasouls: Syracuse And The World, Live Broadcast
Roxette: Complete Videos & more
Sessions West 54: George Clinton, PJ Harvey, Iggy Pop
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Amsterdam 1982
Siouxsie & the Banshees: TV Appearances
Siouxsie & the Banshees: TV Appearances 2 (Double DVD)
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Once/Twice Upon A Time (Promo Videos)
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Rockpalast: Cologne/Germany, Sartory Saal, 19. July 1981
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Rock goes to College (TV Broadcast)
Siouxsie & the Banshees: 7 Years Itch
Siouxsie & the Banshees: National Auditorium, Mexico City, 19.05.1995
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Brussels 27.10.2007, Later 10.2007
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Live in Mexico, from spanish tv contains short interview 135 mins
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Short biography 2010 live collected audience footage+Creatures TV 2005 teaser to The Dreamshow tour-live gig at the 100 club+soundcheck+live duets with Marc Almond,John Cale and others
Siouxsie & the Banshees: Rock Family Trees & G Norton Show
Siouxsie & the Banshees: 1977+
Strawberry Switchblade: The British TV DVD (working version)
P.I.L.: 22.04.1980 Great Gildersleeves, New York
Patti Smith: Live in Seattle & TV Documentary
Patti Smith: New York 1978
Patti Smith: Vienna 1978
Patti Smith: Ann Arbor, 6. April 1991
Patti Smith: Dream of Live. Arte TV, english documentary, french subtitles
Patti Smith: *Let Live for Tomorrow, Today*
Patti Smith: Redondo Nigger: Sweden 3. October 1976 + Essen/Germany 1979
Patti Smith: TV Appearances 1976-2002
Patti Smith: Union Chapel 2-August-2002
Patti Smith & Oliver Ray: 10. May 2003, Conor Hall, Belfast, N.I. Audience. Very steady, close. 126 mins NEW
Patti Smith: Jesus Died & Bonus 2004
Patti Smith: Meltdown 2005, Horses Live
David Sylvian: The World is Everything 2001, live in Eindhoven 0ct 1st 2007 done by a pretty steady handy cam
Pink Floyd: 13. Sept. 1967, Star Club, Copenhagen/Denmark
Pink Floyd: 23. May 1968, Paradiso, Amsterdam/Holland (2 discs)
Pink Floyd: 6. June. 1968, *Rome VPro*, Rome/Italy
Pink Floyd: 6. June 1968 High Time Rome Paris Cinema London, UK, BBC Nightride 12.May 1969
Plasmatics: Live Stuff
Propaganda: Ahoy. Rotterdam, NL. 1985-October-26
Rihanna: 23.September 2007 Montreal/Canada
Transvision Vamp: TV Appearances
Trio: 12. February 1982, Markthalle Hamburg/Germany
Judie Tzuke: Live in Concert 1980s (exact date and venue unknown) NEW
Ultravox: TV Appearances
Ultravox: Live & TV Collection (2 DVDs)
Midge Ure: Acoustic, Grantham, UK & Nik Kershaw Concert
Visage: Promos

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