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Audio CD concert bootlegs
Date (M/D/Y)#Event
4/21/791Music Machine, Camden. (Rare Songs!) V3 Enhanced Version! NEW
3/7/801Pavilion Bath
5/25/801Glasgow, Tiffanys
6/3/801Top Rank, Sheffield, England V2 Enhanced Version! NEW
6/15/801Lyceum, London, England
9/3/801London + 12/14/80 Bologna, Italy
9/14/801Unknown Venue, Europe
11/28/801Friday Night Saturday Morning (Interviews + 2 live tracks)
1/17/811Pavilion Bath
1/24/811University Newcastle
1/30/811Rock City, Nottingham
2/21/811"Live at the Rainbow" London, England
4/1/811Paris Theatre, London, England (BBC Transcription Disc)
5/18/811"The Birthday Show" City Hall, Sheffield, England
5/18/811"The Birthday Show" City Hall, Sheffield, England MIXING DESK RECORDING
6/1/811Newcastle City Hall
12/11/812Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland + 12/24/81 Drury Lane Theatre, London, England
12/14/812Palasport Bologna
12/15/812Teatro Tenda, Milano, Italy
12/15/812Teatro Tenda, Milano, Italy MASTER TAPE NEW
12/21/811Apollo Theatre Manchester
81+821Beat Club, Germany + 1982 Munich, Germany + 12/12/81 Paris, France
5/25/821Alabamahalle, Munich, Germany (3 tracks)
6/20/821St Georges Hall Bradford
6/24/821De Montfort Hall, Leicester
7/2/821Coliseum St Austell
7/5/821Colston Hall Bristol
7/13/822Newcastle City Hall
7/14/822Liverpool, Empire
12/5/821Top Rank, Reading
12/6/821Lyceum London
12/11/821Salford University
12/14/822Shaftesbury Theatre, London
11/25/831Loughborough University
12/5/831Odeon Birmingham
12/6/831Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
12/11/831Newcastle City Hall, England V2 Enhanced Version! NEW
12/14/831Apollo Theatre Manchester
12/21/831Marquee, London, England
11/7/881Bath Moles + Party Message + Friday/Saturday TV Show
11/8+9/882Bath Moles: Disc 1 Prostitute Songs. Disc 2: Ordinary Repertoire
11/11/882Toyah w/ Robert Fripp Salisbury Arts Theatre NEW
11/13/881Toyah w/ Robert Fripp Birmingham Rep Theatre, Birmingham, England V2 Enhanced Version! NEW
11/14/882Toyah w/ Robert Fripp Bournemouth Academy NEW
12/7/881Sunday All Over The World: Live Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
4/22/891Sunday All Over The World: Live in Lille, France
4/26/891Sunday All Over The World: Live in Montpellier, France
9/7/891Sunday All Over The World: Live Leeds Irish Center, Leeds, Ireland
9/8/891Sunday All Over The World: Manchester
19911(unknown venue) She Devils & Strange Girls (Toyah w/ Girlschool) V2 Enhanced Version! NEW
7/27/911Portsmouth, Guildhall: Strange Girls (Toyah w/ Girlschool)
8/1/911Gosport, Walpole Park: Strange Girls (Toyah w/ Girlschool)
5/23/921Chard, Guildhall: Strange Girls (Toyah w/ Girlschool)
6/26/921Toyah live w/ Kiss of Reality, Warsaw, Fugazi
7/7/931Stratford College NEW
10/29/931Middlesbrough Arena NEW
11/1/931Preston Mill
11/9/931Marquee, London, England V2 Enhanced Version! NEW
11/28/931Lincoln Theatre Royal
3/18/941Mean Fiddler, England
5/28/941Marquee, London, UK + Keystone '94 filler
8/8/941Shrewsbury Buttermarket
11/15/941Leeds Duchess of York
11/16/941Wheatsheaf, Stroke on Trent V2 Enhanced Version! NEW
6/16/021Ronnie Scott's, Soho London, England
10/10/03220th Anniversary Show Mean Fiddler, London, UK
3/28/051Blackpool + Queenmania + Lee Mack Show
5/21/051Wasted Festival, Morecambe
The Corn is Green. Movie for TV of 1980 NEW
8.April 1981, Rock in the City. Ulster Hall, Belfast. Irish TV NEW
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. Movie, 1981
Movie Queen & Disputation (1986)
Beatclub, Germany January 1982 DIGITAL BROADCAST!
A.T.V. Documentary V2, digitally recorded NEW
Good Morning Universe (Drury Lane Concert)
Live at the Rainbow
Live in Leeds 1994 (audience footage)
TV Appearances Vol.1
TV Appearances Vol.2
Blue Marigold (with permission of the creator)
Razzmatazz: Toyah Special (with permission of the creator)
Rock Legends & Clacton and Woking (with permission of the creator)
Friday Night, Saturday Morning (with permission of the creator)
Shoestring: Find the Lady (with permission of the creator)
This is your life / Life and times / My Sunday (with permission of the creator)
Celebrity Masterchef (Toyah in a cooking competition, 2006)
Toyah 1976-1994
Toyah 1994-2008
Toyah 2008
Glam and Glitter, Gaby Agis, Itīs a Charity Knockout, Snowshuttle Race NEW
Maigret & Kavanagh QC NEW
Steve Steinmanīs Vampires Rock NEW
1976-2010. 10 Hours of Video Footage NEW
I have been here before. English TV, Songs, Live Humans Performances (2009) NEW
Celebrities and their Psychics + Toyah's Personal Psychic Reading + Rare Clips and More (2010 UK TV) NEW
Anthem and More Tour 2010-2011 (collected audience footage) NEW
Let's dance for Comic Relief. Toyah and Claire Crogan. Broadcast 13th March 2011 NEW
French and Saunders Show UK Comedy TV 1986, Toyah gets a job 1 & 2, Fan made Clips, etc,... 150 minutes NEW
80s: Misc clips including fan made clips. 140 minutes (aka 1980+) NEW
84 plus: Interviews, Morning TV, Fan made Clips,... 150 minutes NEW
Sheep Farming to Anthem 2011. Audience Recording, brilliant quality NEW
Blow up the TV. The Cavern Club, Liverpool 2011-March-20, Audience recording. Brilliant NEW
Resurrection Tour footage NEW
1) Duchess if NY, Leeds 1994-11-15 2) Highline Ballroom NY 2011-9-21 3) Ropetackle Arts Centre, West Sussex 2011-11-15 4) The Assembly UK, 2011-11-03 NEW
Miscellaneous Audio CDīs
Whale: Theatre Play, 14. Feb. 1990. 2 CDs
Therese Raquin: Theatre Play, 31. Oct. 1990, Nottingham Playhouse + Radio Interviews. 3 CDs
Peter Pan: Theatre Play, York, 16/17 Feb. 1994. 3 CDs
The Radio Sessions 1979-1981
The Radio Sessions Vol. 2
Kiss of Reality, 4 track preview sold at UK gigs. Songs different from the album versions.
MP3 And More. A CD full of rare songs, videos and extras
Rarities. Two CDīs full of rare songs
The Changeling Demos, Studio CD of 1982
Calamity Jane, Stoke-on-Trent, 5th October 2002, 2 CDs NEW
The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, BBC 20. Feb 2002 NEW
Mixes by Liz - 8 fan-remixes and unreleased demos
Mixes2 by Liz - 8 more fan-remixes and unreleased demos
Mixes3 by Liz - 8 more fan-remixes and unreleased demos
Radio 2010 - Personality Test Show & Lee Mack Show
Toyah on Net Talk Radio with Ross Hemsworth, 28. August 2006 (Nailing It) NEW
Video CDīs
5 video singles
ATV documentary
Good Morning Universe
Urgh!-A music war, The Kenny Everett Show, Live at the Rainbow
Minder all Mod Cons. TV Play
Various Recordings made with a Mobile Phone Cam
Mini Video CD
Danced from Urgh! and BBC Interview of 2003-April-23
Toyah on Queenmania 2005
Toyah on Telly 1978-1982
Toyah on Telly 1982-2006
The Quatermass Conclusion
Toyah on TV
Head to Head 2007 NEW
Toyah 1981-2003 NEW
Toyah 2005-2008 NEW
Brum And The Buzzcocks NEW
Never originally released on CD
Eternity / Madhatter (has never been released in any form)
The Lady or the Tiger (has been released on CD, but very hard to find)

Toyah I am located in Germany and willing to trade worldwide.
I do not have any financial interest!
If you have nothing to swap, we can arrange a small compensation.
Except for Toyah I am mostly interested in swapping bootlegs of Hazel OīConnor, Lene Lovich, Kate Bush, Altered Images and 80īs music in general.

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